TinyMega is a small startup company located in NL. We develop electronic modules for the hobby market.

Product development consists of several steps :
We define a new product and create a design to make it work. We select the necessary components and determine how to interconnect these. And we select connectors to interface with the outside world.
This results in a full schematic diagram.
Board design
Positioning of all components, defining board dimensions and design of PCB traces.
We put much effort also in the silkscreen. Components are marked so they can be found on the schematics, and connector pins are labelled to explain the purpose of each pin.
We usually add additional ground pins to make it easy to do measurements.
We select components that are large enough to be handled manually in most cases.
Development of all software for the on-board controller. Extended testing to verify that the firmware performs as intended, even in case of error situations.
Error handling features have our utmost attention in order to make the firmware as reliable as possible.
Extended description how to use the module.
Description of all components and how to handle them.
Detailed description of all interfaces to the outside world.
Detailed description of all interfaces messages.
Application usage examples.
Example applications to show how to interface with the modules.
We can deliver kits, with all components so that end-users can put it all together.
In some cases, we can also supply fully assembled units.
All processors in the kits are pre-programmed and ready-to-use.
Arduino compatible.
Most products can be used in combination with arduinos. And some can be programmed using the arduino IDE.
An Arduinocompatible bootloader is included where possible.